Олимпиадные материалы для пятиклассников. Задания олимпиад, проводившихся среди учащихся 5-х классов, начиная с 2012 года. 

Imagine that this is the year of CULTURAL HERITAGE in Russia and all over the world and you, being a news reporter, have to write a news article (200–250 words) describing the two pictures below. Your correct answer gives you 40 points.

Follow the plan:

  1. Name the date and the places.
  2. Describe the places in the pictures.
  3. Signify the importance of these places.
  4. Make up some special events held there.

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Part 4 (20 minutes)


Imagine that your English teacher asked you to write a note for your classmates about a Sunday excursion to a Space museum where you need to collect some material for your class project.

Remember to include:

  • greeting;
  • time and place of meeting;
  • things they have to take ( a pen, a camera, etc.);
  • time their parents need to pick them up at school;
  • finish your note with an invitation to take part in this event.

Write no more than 70–80 words.

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Part 4 (20 minutes)


Imagine you are in a holiday camp and your mobile phone doesn't work. Leave a note to your roommate Ann/Nick:


  • you can’t go to the cinema with him/her;
  • where you are going instead;
  • when you can see each other;
  • where you will meet;
  • what you will do together when you meet.

Write about 50–60 words.

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(200-250 words)

Write your own version of the story based on the picture.

Don’t forget to

  • include a title;
  • describe events in an entertaining way;
  • include elements of direct speech, description of feelings and emotions;
  • try to make an unexpected ending.

Story 6

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Part 4

Maximum points – 15


Imagine yesterday you arranged to go to the cinema with your friend. Unfortunately, you couldn't get to the cinema as you had to take your pet to a vet.

Write an e-mail to your friend.

In your e-mail you should:

  • greet your friend;
  • apologize for not getting to the cinema; explain why you didn't come;
  • suggest meeting another time;
  • suggest where you could go.

Write 80–100 words.

Remember the rules of e-mail writing.

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Блок 2. Творческое задание

Task 4.Read a part of a haiku poem below. Write an essay (150–200 words) speculating on its meaning.

Do follow the plan of an opinion essay and include an introduction, a body and a conclusion into your work. Your correct answer gives you 30 points.

Courageous frog holds on tight

To the neck of a hungry heron

Trying to swallow him...

(Yuki: Courage)

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