На этой странице собраны задания по письму, встречавшиеся на олимпиадах 2018/19.

Text Completion — 2

Представьте, что вы стали невольным свидетелем важного разговора, но Вам удалось расслышать не все реплики. Восстановите недостающие фразы по картинке и запишите их в лист ответов.

A: 1. __________________ You don't look very well.

B: No. I've had a terrible cold. I've been in bed all weekend, but it's better today.

A: Mm. I had a bad cold last week.

B: I know, and you gave it to everyone in the office. 2. __________________ if I'd had a cold like that.


C: Are you OK?

D: Yes, I'm alright, but what about my car?

C: 3. __________________

D: What?! Just look at it! I only bought it last week. You shouldn't have been going so


C: Well, 4. __________________, but it wasn't my fault.

D: Wasn't your fault? What do you mean? I had right of way.

C: I'm afraid you didn't.

D: Why not? There's no sign.

C: What's that there then?

D: Oh, yes. A 'stop' sign. I must have missed it.

C: Well, you should be more careful. You could have killed us all!

D: Yes. I'm sorry. What more can I say?

C: All right... all right. At least nobody's hurt. 5. __________________ You'd better explain it to them.

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Writing a Comment — 10

Answer the question and comment on the statement.

If now the computer already helps us to think, sometime it inevitably will start to think and act. What if created by hands and brains of the person the computer, really, unexpectedly will get out of control.

Источник (по ссылке загрузится .zip):

СПбГУ, финал 2018/19, 10–11 классы.

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Writing a Comment — 8

Comment on the following quotation:

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens

(Jim Hendrix)

Источник (по ссылке загрузится .zip):

СПбГУ, финал 2018/19, 10–11 классы.

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Writing a Comment — 9

Comment on the story in pictures.

В задании не указывался предполагаемый формат ответа и его объем.

Источник (по ссылке загрузится .zip):

Финал олимпиады СПбГУ 2018/19, 10–11 классы, вариант 1.

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Writing a Report — 33

(40 minutes, 250–300 words)

Imagine that your school magazine has a weekly column called “Performing EXTRA”. As part of their investigation into extracurricular activities of young people, they have asked you to write a news report based on the results of your
own survey demonstrated in the graph below.

In your report say:

  1. who participated in the survey;
  2. what changes and trends can be seen comparing the data in the graph below;
  3. what are the reasons for such changes;
  4. how the situation might develop in the future.

Remember the rules of news report writing. Make sure your report has:

  • a headline
  • a byline and a placeline
  • a lead paragraph
  • body paragraphs
  • a conclusion

Report 31 Chart 1

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Writing an Advertisement — 2

Докажите, что «Реклама — двигатель торговли»! Представьте, что Вы маркетолог и отвечаете за продвижение товаров на рынке Великобритании.

Выберите один из изображенных ниже товаров и напишите к нему слоган и рекламное объявление. Ваша задача — сделать товар привлекательным для покупателя. Важно использовать многообразие средств выразительности английского языка.

В задании не указывался предполагаемый объем ответа.

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Writing an Article — 19

Представьте, что вы — журналист-обозреватель. Вам поручено подготовить небольшую статью на основе предоставленных аналитиками графических данных. Напишите статью объемом не менее 200 слов по обозначенной проблеме. Не забудьте предложить заголовок.

The chart below shows the results of a survey in 2014 among U.S. adults by gender on the most important issues to them in choosing a spouse.

Article 19 Chart 1

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Writing an Article — 20

You have been asked to write an article for a new English-language magazine for young people. The article is devoted to fairy-tales, legends and myths of your country that have an impact on people's character and personality. Write between 250–300 words.

  • Give your article an interesting title.
  • Write an interesting introduction.
  • Describe your favourite fairy-tale/legend/myth of your country and explain your choice.
  • Prove that fairy-tales/legends/myths are important in forming our character. Give an example that people get a lesson from fairy-tales/legends/myths.
  • Write a conclusion.

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Writing an Essay — 34

Read the following task and write an essay.

Provide the comparison and contrast of how two writers/poets view an important theme/issue.

Which two writers/poets represent opposing views on love?

Paragraph 1, the introduction, must contain brief information on the chosen writers/poets, the literary movement and the epoch they belong to as well as the scope of aspects to be analyzed.

Paragraphs 2 and 3 must contain the analysis of the chosen writers’/poets’ views on the theme/issue under consideration. Each paragraph must start with the topic sentence (the main idea of the paragraph). Each paragraph must contain at least 2 examples/arguments supporting your analysis.

Paragraph 4, the conclusion, must contain your own perspective on the theme/issue.

Write at least 300 words.

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Writing an Essay — 35

You will have to comment on the following quotation:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

(Nelson Mandela)

Write about 180–200 words in the lines provided below.

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