Слова, описывающие умственные способности:

Describing Intelligence (video)

Describing Intelligence (list of words)


  • clever
  • intelligent
  • able
  • smart
  • sharp
  • brainy
  • quick
  • brilliant
  • bright
  • percipient
  • perceptive


  • wise
  • sagacious
  • clear-sighted
  • discerning
  • profound


  • gifted
  • genius
  • creative
  • imaginative
  • resourceful


  • learned
  • academic
  • scholarly
  • well read
  • literate
  • well versed
  • well grounded
  • well informed
  • well-educated

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  • intelligence (задание на тренировку синонимов, описывающих интеллект).
  • intelligence — word formation (12 предложений на словообразование, выбранных программой случайным образом; задание отличается при каждом новом запуске).

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Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle
Can you name nine words describing intellectual ability? Some letters have been shown to help you.



I give up! Show me how to solve the puzzle

I give up! Show me how to solve the puzzle

Идиомы со словом "mind":

How many "mind" idioms can you make?

How many
Can you make 5 idioms containing the word "mind" and the words in the picture above?


1. There are a few general rules to _______________ when selecting plants. (=remember)

2. It never _______________ that she might lose. (=occur)

3. He's lost his keys again — he's got _______________. (=bad memory)

4. С глаз долой — из сердца вон.

5. I want you to _______________ the first time you met. (=think about the past)

I give up! Show me the 5 idioms

1. bear something in mind — to remember something

There are a few general rules to bear in mind when selecting plants.

2. cross your mind — to come into your mind, to occur to you

It never crossed my mind that she might lose.

3. a mind like a sieve — to forget things easily; to have a very bad memory

He's lost his keys again — he's got a mind like a sieve.

4. out of sight, out of mind — used to say somebody will quickly be forgotten when they are no longer with you

5. cast your mind back to something — to make yourself think about something that happened in the past

I want you to cast your minds back to the first time you met.

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