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Если вам по каким-либо причинам не хочется использовать удобное и приятное интерактивное упражнение, то ниже находится простая текстовая версия. 

Task 1.

Change the word «CIRCLE» to form words that fit in the gaps.

  1. Using small ____________ movements, massage the muscles on either side of the spine.
  2. The condition prevents blood from ____________ freely. 
  3. Copies of the magazine were withdrawn from ____________. 
  4. The ____________ system is an organ system that permits blood to ____________ and transport nutrients to and from the cells in the body.
Task 2.

Fill in the gap with one of the words below to get an idiom. Explain the meaning of each idiom. 

shape square circles triangle

  1. go round in ______________
  2. a ______________meal
  3. a love ______________
  4. out of ______________
Keys Task 1:
  1. circular
  2. circulating
  3. circulation
  4. circulatory, circulate
Keys Task 2: 
  1. go round in circles — to work hard at something or discuss something without making any progress
  2. a square meal — a good satisfying meal
  3. a love triangle — a situation involving three people in a complicated relationship
  4. out of shape — not in good physical condition

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