Writing an Article — 17

Imagine that you are writing a piece for a magazine whose audience is teenagers and young people. Read an extract from a psychological article and listen to an extract from The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. Then write your article about the concept of being real.

In your article:

  • explain how the notion of being “real” can be interpreted;
  • include a summary of both given texts;
  • express your own understanding of the theme.

Use your own words, don't quote the given texts.

Write about 250–350 words.

The Velveteen Rabbit:

Are you living authentically? Here are five things to try on the road to being real:

Find out who you are: What do you like about yourself and what do you enjoy doing? Who do you like spending time with and what really lights up your world? Once you've captured all of this, ideally in words or pictures, spend some time being with that and see what it feels like to become that person.

Align heart and actions: Which direction is life taking you, is it aligned with your dreams and aspirations, which come from the heart or are you following a completely different path? It's not always easy to achieve congruence and sometimes you need to take small steps in that direction. But it can be amazing how things tend to fall into place once you make a start. 

Let go of the past: The past is just that, learn from it, move forward and practice being mindful - it's a great place to be with a host of benefits that can enhance your well-being and improve your future. 

Think for yourself and believe in yourself: Often, when you start to make positive changes, for yourself, it doesn't necessarily work for everyone else, sometimes jealousy and envy come in to play or perhaps people disagree because of practical reasons. Stand firm and remain true to yourself, after all this is your life, not somebody else's. 

Be you: Once you've really discovered who you are, accept yourself. Let go of comparing yourself to others and learn to love the real you.


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