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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace the Real Human Intelligence?

They say   Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon replace many blue collar and white collar jobs.  Artificial Intelligence   is exhibiting a slow but continuous influence on the value and availability of work  - in the form of wages and the number of adult workers with full-time jobs. The widespread disappearance of jobs would result in a social transformation unlike anything we’ve ever  imagined. We observe entirely a new phase in history, one characterized by a steady and inevitable decline of jobs. The newest industries  mostly related to computer software, and telecommunications and similar industries, are the most labor efficient and don’t require many people. If  we  run out of jobs, what will our society look like without universal work?

The next-generation manager will view intelligent machines as colleagues. The reason is that there will be need for high social intelligence to collaborate effectively in teams and networks to use digital technologies to tap into the knowledge and judgment of partners, customers, external stakeholders and role models in other industries. When technology enables many people to have more information about themselves and others, it’ll be  easier to take a clear and more mature view of the workplace. Self-assessment tools, particularly those that enable people to diagnose what they do and how they do it, can help employees pinpoint their own productivity issues. They have less need for the watchful eyes of a manager. One could easily imagine that the “the end of management” is in sight.

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