Text Completion — 2

Представьте, что вы стали невольным свидетелем важного разговора, но Вам удалось расслышать не все реплики. Восстановите недостающие фразы по картинке и запишите их в лист ответов.

A: 1. __________________ You don't look very well.

B: No. I've had a terrible cold. I've been in bed all weekend, but it's better today.

A: Mm. I had a bad cold last week.

B: I know, and you gave it to everyone in the office. 2. __________________ if I'd had a cold like that.


C: Are you OK?

D: Yes, I'm alright, but what about my car?

C: 3. __________________

D: What?! Just look at it! I only bought it last week. You shouldn't have been going so


C: Well, 4. __________________, but it wasn't my fault.

D: Wasn't your fault? What do you mean? I had right of way.

C: I'm afraid you didn't.

D: Why not? There's no sign.

C: What's that there then?

D: Oh, yes. A 'stop' sign. I must have missed it.

C: Well, you should be more careful. You could have killed us all!

D: Yes. I'm sorry. What more can I say?

C: All right... all right. At least nobody's hurt. 5. __________________ You'd better explain it to them.

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