Writing an Essay — 2

Part 4 (30 minutes)


Comment on the following problem: Modern libraries in the digital age should be different from the libraries of the past.

In your comment use the information from the Internet below.

Write 100–120 words. Remember to

  • make an introduction;
  • express your personal opinion on the problem and give reasons for your opinion;
  • express your attitude towards the information from the Internet;
  • make a conclusion.

Write in your own words.

Modern Libraries

Many people, when asked about libraries, imagine old buildings with heavy bookshelves and dimmed light. Libraries around the world are heading into the future, creating for their patrons a more dynamic, multi-level environment for learning and pleasure.

Enjoy most tremendous examples of how modern libraries are shaping the way we learn and enjoy reading in the digital age.

LiYuan Library, China

Built in 2011 in a small village of Huairou on the outskirts of Beijing, this beautiful nature-inspired library was designed by Li Xiaodong. The 175-square-meter building’s interior is spatially diverse by using steps and small level changes to create distinct places. The wooden sticks temper the bright light and spread it evenly throughout the space to give a perfect reading ambience. The library has no electricity supply and closes at dusk.

Ballyroan Library, Ireland

Designed by Box Architecture, the new library in South Dublin opened in early 2013. The new library offers extensive seating and a large study area with many public access computers, as well as printing and photocopying facilities. Free internet is available throughout the building.

Task 1 (essay type)

What kind of an essay is required?

  • for and against essay
  • opinion essay
  • essay suggesting solutions to a problem

Task 2 (finding mistakes)

Read the following answer to the task. What requirement isn't fulfilled?

The world is changing rapidly nowadays and things that have been the same throughout centuries need to alter. One of such things is libraries.

Traditional bookshelves are of no interest anymore, compared to what the Internet or even a single e-book can offer. Thus, to survive against their most formidable rival — digital technology — libraries do need to be refreshed and updated.

There are multiple ways to achieve it. Creating attractive conditions for the readers, like the LiJuan library in China, or transforming a usual library into a computer-based centre, like the Ballyroan Library in Ireland, are inspiring examples of how a library can be modernized in order to remain competitive and suit all the readers' needs.

In conclusion, though contemporary libraries are being challenged, the challenge is not going to eliminate them. Quite on the contrary, they will come out of this battle renewed and more prosperous than ever.

(151 words)

Task 3 (improving the essay from Task 2)

Change the answer in Task 2 to make it 100–120 words long.

Task 4 (writing an essay)

Write your own answer to the task.

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