Writing an Essay — 3

Part 4 (30 minutes)


Comment on the following problem:

Elderly people who live alone should be taken care of.

In your comment use the information from the article below.

Write 100–120 words.

Remember to

  • make an introduction,
  • express your personal opinion on the problem and give reasons for your opinion,
  • express your attitude towards the information from the article,
  • make a conclusion.

Write in your own words.


Elderly people who live alone can be monitored by new technology that analyses household sounds to ensure their safety.

The new sound monitoring system, developed by Fujitsu, the Japanese electronics company, examines noises in homes via a microphone connected to a data centre. The technology is refined enough to differentiate between the sound of a falling object or a collapsing human and can instantly alert family members or security firms if any abnormality is detected.

From breathing and coughing to sleeping, all noises made by the resident can be detected by the technology, in addition to analysis of daily routines, heat and humidity levels.

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