Writing an Introduction — 1

Task A:

Compare the following introductions borrowed from two different essays and answer the questions:

  • Which introduction do you like better? Why?
  • What makes the other introduction not so good? How would you improve it?

The extracts are original texts written by students and may contain all sorts of mistakes.

Task B:

Write your own introduction (see the task here: Essay — 1).

Introduction 1

To my mind, the main problem of this text is a family’s role in difficult situations in our life. If Thomas knew about his teacher’s opinion, he would never become a great scientist. I firmly believe that his mother helped him to change his future life and not to pay any attention to such teachers, who couldn’t see talented pupils.

Introduction 2

The main problem of the educational system nowadays is that schools do not pay attention to their students’ unique characters and minds and try to teach everybody the same thing. Some people think that our educational system should be reorganized while others are satisfied with its present state.

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