Writing an Introduction — 2

Task A:

Compare the following introductions borrowed from four different reports and answer the questions below.

  • Which introduction do you like better? Why?
  • What makes the other introductions not so good? How would you improve them?

The extracts are original texts written by students and may contain all sorts of mistakes.

Task B:

Write your own introduction (see the task here: Report — 1).

Introduction 1

The aim of this report is to describe how compliments given to female characters in Disney cartoons have changed over the past few decades. I have collected the necessary data and made diagrams to represent the pattern of change in these compliments. And this report will provide you with all the information I have gained.

Introduction 2


The aim of the report to analyze the ways female characters are complimentedover the last eighty years. This report will be based on the findings of the survey of Disney movies.

Introduction 3

Referring to data obtained after studying the cartoons we can say that complements related to the skills were given mostly to Brave(she was praised most of all); complements related to the appearance were popular in Classic Era.

Introduction 4


The linguistic analysis of the dialogues from 12 Disney movies appearing over the period 1937–2013 has revealed certain alterations in the nature of the compliments paid to female characters. This report aims at outlining the discovered changes and explaining the reasons behind them.

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