Writing a Note — 1

Task A:

Imagine that you are a teacher at school. One of your students didn't hand in his homework claiming that his pet dog had eaten it. Write a note to your students' parents.

In your note:

  • briefly explain the situation;
  • express your doubts about the student's honesty;
  • insist on the student bringing his homework within the next week.

Write about 50–60 words.

Task B:

Imagine that you are a parent of the student from task A. You really have a pet dog, and it did eat the notebook with the student's homework. Write a note to the teacher.

In your note:

  • explain that the student wasn't lying;
  • assure the teacher that the student will bring the rewritten homework.

Write about 50–60 words.

Образец ответа

Task A

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Black,

I am writing to inform you that your son has not brought his homework today and claimed that his dog had eaten it — an excuse that I do not find plausible. Please make sure that the homework is handed in within the next week, since it is essential for the course.

Best regards,

Mrs. Honey

Task B

Dear Mrs. Honey,

Please accept our sincere apologies about the missing homework. We do happen to have a dog that tends to be jealous when our son spends too much time at his desk. Eating the homework was the dog's revenge. Although our child is not to blame in this situation, he will rewrite the homework and hand it in as you request.

Best wishes,

Mr. Black

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