Idioms. Praise and criticism.

Fill in the gaps with suitable words.
Jack is and above the rest of our group when it comes to football.
The concert was just out of !
She never does anything for me. She just wants to have her and it.
I think she should speak for us all. She's got the of the .
I don't like Bella at all. She thinks she's the bee's .
You can trust Mr. Flemish, he's a first- doctor.
At her parties you could meet top musicians and actors.
I don't think my employees really respect me. I think they are just trying to me .
Oh, God. Our new teacher of Geograph is the worst.
Lucy has a with children, just look how they are playing with her.
When it comes to idleness, Jim certainly takes the .
Redo this article immediately. It's a dog's !
What a nice garden you have! You really have .