Writing a Letter — 3

Imagine that today is the first day of your holidays in London. Write a letter to your parents describing your stay.

Remember to

  • write about the trip from your city to London;
  • describe the place you are staying at;
  • mention the places of interest you have already visited;
  • share your impressions.

Write about 180–200 words

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Writing a Report — 16

(60 minutes, 250–300 words)

An English magazine has a weekly column called “Discovering the world”. As part of their new investigation into cultural issues, they have asked you to write a report based on your own survey of the top popular tourist spots in London in2010among teenagers from different countries.

In your report say:

  1. What counties do the teenagers taking part in the survey represent?
  2. What does the survey demonstrate?
  3. Have there been any changes since 2010?

Do not forget to follow the rules of report writing and use an appropriate style.


Report 16 Chart 1

Скачать это задание (PDF).

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