Writing a Description — 1

Task 1:

Describe the picture. Answer the following questions in your description:

  • What do you see in the picture below?
  • What might this picture illustrate?
  • What does the picture make you think of?
Write your answer in 100–120 words.

Additional tasks:

Task 2 (essay topics)

Imagine that the picture from task 1 is given to you as a visual prompt for an essay. Think of and write down 3 essay topics relevant to the picture.

Task 3 (finding mistakes)

Read the description below, which answers task 1. What are its weak points?

The picture shows a strange thing. This thing is white. It has three shadows. The shadows are on three walls: red, blue and yellow. The shadows are different, because the shape of the thing is strange.

The picture shows that if we look at something we see only one side, and if we look at another side, we see something else. It means that if we want to know what this something really looks like, we must look at it from different sides.

This picture makes me think that when we see or experience something, we should understand that we don't know what it really is and we must remember that it can be different from what we see.

Task 4 (improving your description)

Look again at the description you wrote for task 1. Does it have any weak points like the one in task 3? If it does, improve your description. The vocabulary below might be of help:

  • look at the problem from every aspect
  • angle of vision
  • scratch the surface of something
  • peculiar
  • bizarre
  • ray of light
  • spotlight
  • cast a shadow
  • resemble
  • represent
  • reflect
  • create / give an impression
  • make an accurate / balanced judgement
  • draw a false conclusion

Vocabulary exercises related to the topic:

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