Writing an Introduction — 3


Compare the following introductions borrowed from five different articles and answer the questions:

  • Which introduction do you like better? Why?
  • What makes the other introduction not so good? How would you improve it?

The extracts are original texts written by students and may contain all sorts of mistakes.


Introduction 1

Since the very beginning people enjoyed celebrating different festivals. Nowadays there are thousands of them. Some of them are international others are celebrated only in certain countries. But even international festivals have their own features depending on a country. In this article you will be able to learn about some traditions of celebrating festivals which you might have not known.

Introduction 2

Everybody needs the happiness. But do we think what it is as frequently as we say this? Let me try to discourse.

Introduction 3

In “This Emotional Life,” Dan Gilbert says there are three key findings on the science of happiness:

  1. we can’t be happy alone
  2. we can’t be happy all the time
  3. we can be happier than we are currently

Introduction 4

What country would you like to visit next? France? Turkey? Maybe Germany? The USA? Taking pictures near the Eiffel Tower and after that counting stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well, you sound so… so cliché. Just like everybody else. Nowadays, when new means of transportation allow us to go wherever we want, most people travel to all the same places. It’s usually either a European country or a cheap resort. Actually, the map of the world is much more than that.

Introduction 5

Does the food mean to you a lot? Are you addicted to it? Recently we have started considering food no more as a fuel, bit as a source of our own pleasure. If you do not believe me, just check whether you eat the nutritious, but not very tasty meals instead of eating the food you like.

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