Writing a Note — 2

Imagine that you are a thief who has just robbed someone's flat. Leave a note to the owners of the flat. Include a list of the stolen items in your note.

Spend no more than 5 minutes on writing, otherwise you won't have enough time to make off before the police arrive.

Write about 50-60 words.

Robber's Note

Task B:

Imagine that your fellow robber from task A got into prison. You have a plan of escape. Share it with the prisoner by writing him a note.

In the note:

  • let your friend know that you have a plan;
  • tell him what he has to do to escape and how you will assist him.

Write no more than 80 words, or a security guard might notice it.

Click here if you have never escaped from prison and need ideas

Friends don't let friends rot in prison.
  • Three convicted murderers escaped from an Arizona state prison in August 2010 by using wire cutters thrown over the prison fence by a woman outside.
  • When David Puckett drove his stolen pickup to Houston after escaping from a Texas prison, he had money wired to him by a woman he'd met online while in prison.
  • But the Best Friend Award probably goes to Pascal Payet. The French criminal first escaped from prison in 2001 in a helicopter hijacked by a group of friends.
Not all escapes require a helicopter. But a little technology helps.

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