Writing an Article — 6

Part 4 (25 minutes)

Maximum points — 15


In an English-language magazine you saw the following announcement about a competition and decided to participate in it.

Welcome to the Internet!

Win a brand new laptop plus all the essential software and a year's free Internet access.

Write and tell us about the changes the Internet has brought about in the tourism industry in our country.

We will publish the winning article in next month's issue.

Write your competition article.

In your article you should:

  • start with a title;
  • make an introduction;
  • mention at least two positive and two negative changes the Internet has brought in the tourism industry in our country;
  • write if people can rely on the Internet when they travel;
  • give your ideas what the future for the Internet will be in the tourism industry in our country;
  • make a conclusion.

Write 180–200 words.

Дополнительное упражнение

Прочтите написанную по заданию статью, в которой на 69 слов больше, чем нужно. Сократите статью, сохранив мысли автора. Внесите необходимые, по вашему мнению, исправления и улучшения.

The tourism industry in Russia is undergoing considerable changes recently, and one of the most important factors responsible for them is the Internet. Being an inevitable part of our everyday life, the Internet does both good and harm to the tourism development.

Let’s start with the positive side. Now that the information is easily available, many foreigners are no longer prisoners of stereotypes like bears, awful frosts and all Russians being blond. Consequently, people from other countries get more interested in our culture and tend to travel here to study it deeply. This is when the Internet helps again: giving the traveller an opportunity to book tickets and hotel rooms conveniently, providing them with instant access to essential information like departure and landing time, opening hours, hotels and restaurants reviews, it makes travelling easier and more convenient. It is reliable, too. The information stored there doesn’t disappear like a piece of paper can, and nowadays you can have access to the world wide web almost anywhere.

However, not everything is so good. The negative changes that the Internet has brought are the continuation of its positive ones. Having information at hand, tourists prefer visiting the places which have most favourable reviews, leaving the rest behind. Thus, the Internet adds to the uneven coverage of places of interest. Besides, it can’t be called useful to those who don’t build their business basing themselves on modern technology. It leads to traditional travelling businesses dying out.

Whatever the impact tourism might have, it definitely is going to continue developing and occupying more and more space in every sphere, tourism being no exception.

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