Text Completion — 1

Представьте, что вы стали невольным свидетелем важного разговора, но Вам удалось расслышать не все реплики. Восстановите недостающие фразы по картинке и запишите их в лист ответов.

Waiter: Good evening, sir, madam. 1. ____________________________________

Mr Adams: No, we aren't. Give us another minute or two, please.

Waiter: Perhaps I could help you.

Mr Adams: Oh, yes, please.

Waiter: Of course. 2. ____________________________________

Mrs Adams: No, we aren't. We eat meat and fish.

Waiter: All right. And what about poultry?

Mr Adams: 3. ____________________________________

Waiter: Poultry. Our chicken fried in breadcrumbs is delicious.
Mr Adams: No, thank you, I'd rather have some red meat.

Waiter: Then I would recommend that you try our veal in cream sauce with brandy.

Mr Adams: Sounds fine. 4. ____________________________________

Waiter: Three pounds and ten pence.

Mr Adams: OK, and I'd like some baked potatoes with it, please. And the chicken with a side of French fries for my wife.

Waiter: Sure. 5. ____________________________________

Mr Adams: Yes, we'd like a bottle of dry white wine.

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