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You bought an acre of land on the Moon from the online company Lunar Land. However, you were not satisfied with the quality of your order when it arrived.

Look at the screenshots of the Lunar Land site and the notes which you have made (Page 2). Then write a letter of complaint to the manager of the company. Mention all the information from your notes and ask for a solution that will suit you.

Write about 150–180 words.


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Образец ответа

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the quality of the service provided by your company. Last week I bought a Premium Moon Package advertised on your site. Although the order was easy to make and arrived on time, my initial positive impression was completely ruined by the contents of the package.

To begin with, my name on the certificate is spelt incorrectly, being 'Homes' instead of 'Holmes'. Secondly, there is no Lunar Land Pledge, in spite of it being listed among the documents included in every package. Finally, I discovered that the location indicated on my Moon Map coincides completely with that of my friend's, who also happens to be a Moon land owner. Either these identical coordinates are a technical mistake, or your claim about not selling any property twice is untrue.

I feel that the service described above cannot be called appropriate, which therefore forces me to request a full refund of the price of the package. Unless compensated, I will have no choice but to take matters further.

Yours faithfully,

Helen Holmes

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