Writing a Report — 1

Imagine that you are a linguist doing research into the dialogues in children's animated films. You have collected some data on the ways female characters are complimented (see the charts below). Write a brief report describing the changes you have noticed comparing Disney movies over the years.

Use the following words in your report (put them in the correct grammar form if necessary):

  1. praise
  2. average
  3. ability
  4. appearance
  5. pattern

Underline the required words when used in your report.

Write 220–250 words.

Use the following plan:

  • make an opening statement;
  • give some general information outlining the trend, analyze the information given in the charts;
  • suggest possible reasons for the changes happening;
  • make a conclusion.

Report 1

Образец ответа

Subject: Changing Compliments Patterns in Disney Movies


The linguistic analysis of the dialogues from 12 Disney movies appearing over the period 1937–2013 has revealed certain alterations in the nature of the compliments paid to female characters. This report aims at outlining the discovered changes and explaining the reasons behind them.


In classic Disney animated films female characters receive several times the amount of praise for their appearance as for their skills and abilities. For instance, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty have respectively 83% and 58% compliments related to the way they look. The same trend generally remains during the renaissance Disney period, although it must be noted that it is then that a character appears (namely Pocahontas, 1995), who is given credit for her skills rather than attractiveness. In most recent films the role of beauty-related compliments is noticeably lower — 20% on average, while showing respect for competence has risen in frequency, making up almost half of the total compliments in every film since 2009.


Differing compliment patterns might have been caused by the changing perception of women's role in society. When a woman was primarily regarded as wife and mother, her value was mostly based on appearance. A shift towards engagement in activities other than household and motherhood was, in its turn, naturally followed by the increase in ability-related compliments.


To conclude, the quality of the compliments given to female characters in Disney movies has significantly altered, reflecting the ways societal values have transformed over the past 76 years.

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