Writing a Letter — 2

Task A: Advertisement

Choose one of the products from the pictures below and write an advertisement describing this product. In your advertisement:

  • mention at least 3 special features of the product;
  • make the product look attractive for the potential customer.

Make sure that your description matches the picture you have chosen. 

Write 100–120 words.

Product 1: Pyjamas

Product 2: Electric Toothbrush

Product 3: Wireless Headphones

Task B: Letter of Complaint

Now imagine that you are a customer who read the advertisement written in Task A. You got interested in the product and bought it. However, the purchase was disappointing. Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the company. In your letter:

  • complain about the quality of the product, comparing its real qualities with those listed in the advertisement;
  • ask for a solution that will suit you.

Write 150–180 words.

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