Linking Words — 1

Ошибки в употреблении союза 'because'

Найдите и исправьте логические ошибки в нижеследующих предложениях, взятых из письменных работ учащихся. 

Примечание: помимо неправильного употребления because, в предложениях могут быть и другие ошибки, поскольку они цитируются без изменений и правок.

1. Other people think that eating at home everyday can be boring, because they like to diversify their life by changing restaurants.
2. But they only spend a lot of money on it, because their life doesn’t depend on their places of eating.
3. The area in zoos is restricted. It is a problem, because animals used to run, hunt and reproduce in huge areas.
4. I would like to know if there are any single rooms available because I suffer from somnambulism.
5. They say that advertisement takes too much money and all this money spent on advertisement could be spent on other more significant things, but I don’t think so, because advertised goods can be very useful and people should know about it.
6. Most of people believe that having one language is better than having several, while scientists say that having only one language is a disaster. I support the scientists because I think that it is not really interesting to have all people speaking one language.
7. Endangered animals are a huge problem of our time because of the pollution and bad living condition.
8. They are sure extreme sports are dangerous. However, they are wrong, because extreme sports should be taken with the help of a skilled instructor.
9. To sum up, I would say that there is no doubt that people, standing out of the crowd need help, and it is up to us to do it because they are often the main engine of the progress.

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