Writing a News Report — 10

The newspaper you work for has asked you to cover the recent arrival of an alien ship. Write a news report in about 200–250 words.

Your news report should:

  • name the date and the place;
  • describe the event;
  • signify the importance of the event.

Make sure that all your descriptions match the picture below.

News Report встречался на олимпиадах «Покори Воробьёвы горы!» и «Ломоносов».

Образец ответа

Seattle receives extraterrestrial guests

A large alien spaceship appeared in the sky above Seattle, Washington, yesterday evening. After remaining stationary for several hours, it flew away, leaving no trace behind. More than 300,000 people witnessed the event.

Mr Cruncher, one of the first witnesses, reported having seen the spacecraft at about 6:15 p.m.: "It was an unusual shadow that caught my attention. I looked up — and there it was, enormous and intimidating!". The object, a grayish-white disc, about 200 meters in diameter, hung still in the air for nearly 5 hours. It was monitored constantly by 9 helicopters, sent by the local government.

In spite of close surveillance, very little information was gathered, since the interior of the ship was impenetrable. Neither was it possible to take samples of the materials composing the vessel (presumably, they are an alloy of steel and nickel). The ship showed no signs of working engines, therefore it remains unclear what kind of power it uses to travel throughout space. Another grey area is whether the spaceship was manned or controlled automatically.

The event received worldwide attention both in scientific communities and among ordinary people. This is the first time that the existence of aliens has been publicly witnessed and carefully documented. Scientists predict further visits which will throw new light on the event. "We finally know that we're not alone in the Universe, and further contacts are bound to be established", commented Mr. Daniel Flumpengo, a paranormal research expert in Stanford University.

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