Writing a Report — 41

TASK 5. WRITING (60 points)

(40 minutes, 250-300 words)

Imagine that your school magazine has a weekly column called “Education Today”. As part of their investigation into modern trends, they have asked you to write a news report based on the results of your own survey demonstrated in the table below.

 In your report say:

  1. who participated in the survey;
  2. what changes or trends can be seen comparing the data in the table below;
  3. what are the possible reasons for such trends;
  4. how the situation might develop in the future.

Remember the rules of news report writing. Make sure your report has:

- a headline

- a byline and a placeline

- a lead paragraph  

- body paragraphs

- a conclusion


Олимпиада «Покори Воробьёвы горы!» 2019/20, финал, 10–11 классы, вариант 6.

Report 41 Chart 1

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