Writing a Report — 15

You have 45 minutes to complete the task.

You recently attended an English language course. At the end of the course you were given the following letter:

We hope you have enjoyed studying with us. In order to plan future courses we would be grateful if you could write a short report giving us your views of the course covering:

  • the quality of teaching;
  • the use of modern technological equipment;
  • the variability of textbooks;
  • dining facilities;
  • the convenience of the timetable.

We would also like to hear your suggestions on the possible changes and improvements to be made.

Thank you in advance.

Mrs Galway

The Principal

Write your report for the Principal (around 200–250 words).

Remember to:

  • include a title and subtitles;
  • use appropriate style;
  • organize the information logically.

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